Power Efficiency Guide – Is It Legitimate Program Or Another Scam?

homemade power generating plantPower Efficiency Guide is newly launched guide by Mark Edwards in which you will learn about an alternative source of generating electricity so that your life would not come to a standstill during heavy snow, hurricanes and floods. In case if you are thinking, NO, it is not about setting up expensive solar panels or windmills. Stay with me; I will tell you everything about what it is and how it works in this unbiased review.

Are you tired of paying ever-rising electricity bills month after month? Or do you want to become energy sufficient, so you don’t have to remind your children to switch off the TV button after watching it?

With the increasing prices of grocery items, it is becoming difficult for most families to pay off their monthly electricity bills before due dates. Most families are now looking to do anything or everything to reduce their electricity bills.

Truly speaking, solar panels and windmills are not in the range of every family. So, it is important to find an alternative energy source that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to set up.

Thankfully, there are some energy sources that you can set up in your own home (somewhere in your backyard or basement) without spending thousands of dollars, and they can reduce your electricity bill dramatically.

One of such method is available in Mark’s Power Efficiency Guide. In this guide, Mark Edwards talks about a method that car manufacturing companies are using in ELECTRIC CARS, and interestingly it costs only $106 to set up this ‘HOME POWER PLANT’. Stay with me, as I am going to show you one KEY component that makes it almost maintenance free.

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What You Will Find Inside Power Efficiency Guide?

After completing the payment, you get access to a secret ‘Thank-You’ page where you’ll find:

Power Efficiency Guide book

The Power Efficiency Guide Main Manual – This is 72 pages guide that contains a step-by-step approach towards creating your Power Generating System for $106. This guide contains a list of components along with its picture you so can easily identify and select the right equipment.

Bonus #1 Reducing Energy Waste – This 59 pages guide contains top ten ways that you can use to reduce your electricity cost.

Bonus #2 Mayer Magnet Motor Plans – If you are interested in setting up Mayer Magnet Motor then you can take help from this guide in setting up your own Mayer Motor. This book provides pictures of components and every step, so there is literally so guesswork for you.

Bonus #3 Power From Smith Generator – In this 36-page guide you will learn about a process of setting up an alternative energy source that hasn’t reach mainstream yet and its components are cheaply available in the market as well.

Bonus #4 Electric Lighting History – If you are interested in history then this book provides a good overview of electricity and who created it. Additionally, you will find out different electric devices and how they become popular in quick time. This book is a 211-page book so be prepare for it. If you are non-reader just like me, then the good news is THIS IS OPTIONAL 😉

What is Science Behind It? How Does It Work?

Before diving deep into the program, let me tell you how this program works or what is science behind it? And how this small machine can power up your entire home.

generate electricityThe power generating system that you learn to build in this program works on two principles. First is Spinning Principle and the second is the Multiplication Principle.

People who are working in the automotive industry should know about this SPINNING PRINCIPLE. This principle is commonly used in modern cars to generate energy. When the wheel spins, it generates mechanical energy that then converted into electrical power.

Another principle that this system uses is MULTIPLICATION PRINCIPLE. This principle works by multiplying the electricity to generate more power. The main objective of this principle is to increase electricity without any external source.

By combing these two principles, this small tiny system generates enough electricity to power up the entire home. This power-generating machine can easily kept into any room within your home.

If you love hiking with your friends or family, then this system can give free ‘mobile’ electricity. You can put this system in your backyard, balcony or basement and it will keep on working without any maintenance.

What Is Power Efficiency Guide All About?

Power Efficiency GuideIf you look over the Google, then you will discover there are many alternative sources of electricity in which solar energy or windmills are popular ones. However, both these sources of electricity are either expensive or difficult to build. However, Mark Edwards has proved there is an alternative source of electricity that isn’t as expensive as solar panels, and it is not as difficult to set up as windmills. It is about using MAGNETS for generating electricity.

Yes! I was also shocked when I discovered about this alternative source of energy. Using magnets, one can generate sufficient electricity to fulfill his domestic electricity needs, and he can carry this machine with him in his car anywhere to power up electrical devices.

Not only that, Mark has posted a power generating system in which he showed how he is generating electricity using magnets. Don’t underestimate the electricity generating efficiency of magnets because many car manufacturing companies are using the technique (very similar to this) to run cars on electricity and save fuel.

With just $106 you can set up your own power generating system in your home that you can put anywhere, and according to the author, you can cut down your electricity bill by 60% in just one month.

With the help of step-by-step instructions and colorful pictures, you don’t need any professional degree to set up this power generating system. Mark Edwards showed materials that you can easily buy from any store or you can get them from Amazon as well.

Want more? Mark is offering 60 days money back guarantee, and I feel this is enough time to check if this system is working for you or not. In case, if you unable to get benefit from this system, you can ask for a refund.

Mark has also posted a video in which he showed how this machine generates electricity. Click below to watch video (video will open in new tab):

Power Efficiency Guide video

About The Author – Mark Edwards:

Mark EdwardsThe author of this plan is Mark Edwards. For those who don’t know, Mark is a 56-years teacher of geography in Memphis, Tennessee. Although he created this home power plant with his own knowledge but still he should not be considered as a science guru or expert.

Before discovering his home power plant idea, he engaged himself into extensive research. He got great information and experience of this home power plant.

Just like us, Mark was also very much depended on the electric company to power up his home. One day he experienced power breakdown in his area that makes him think about alternative energy sources.

He spends many hours on the internet to discover the cheapest and reliable alternative energy sources. Once he thought about installing traditional fuel generator but later he gave up this idea due to high fuel and maintenance cost.

During his research, Mark talked with lots of people who had knowledge and experience of alternative energy sources. Mark came to know about this home power plant through his friend’s uncle Jason Newton who was working as an engineer in the automobile company.

With the help of Jason Newton, Mark designed this affordable and reliable power plant to provide electricity to his home. The maintenance cost of this power plant is extremely low, and it doesn’t burn off fuel to generate electricity – its eco-friendly as well.

Does Power Efficiency Guide Really Work?

electromagnetDefinitely! Electromagnet is an untapped source of electricity which is easy to set up, and its components are easily available in stores. According to the Mark Edwards, over 87,000 families have tested this alternative source of energy, and they saw a dramatic reduction in their electricity bills. However, only 15 families fail to get benefit from this program.

By looking at the list of materials, I can say most of these components are easily available in any house. You don’t need anyone’s help for setting up this system. However, help from your friend can make this project interesting and fun.

You can also interchange components in this program. Mark tells you which steel components can be replaced with wood to save some money. Remember, steel materials will work longer than the wood ones.

This power generating system is set up by Mark’s uncle who has good experience in the electric car field.

Mark was selling this guide for $149, but he wants more people to try this system. So due to this reason, he lowers the price. Keep in mind, other people bought it at a higher price, and within just two months they already recovered their investment.

power efficiency guide download

7 Things I Like About Power Efficiency Guide:

Easy To Build:

Power Efficiency Guide reviewYou can set up your power generating machine without any professional skill. Everything is laid in such a simple way that you can set up your machine without hiring professional.


This machine relies on spinning wheels which means there is no fuel or carbon-emissions. This means, by setting up this machine you are playing a role in making this World a better place to be.

Required Very Limited Investment:

All the parts and tools required for setting up this machine are easily available in any hardware store. These parts and tools are available at cheap rates. You don’t have to engage in any sort of research or buy high-end equipment. Most probably, some of these tools might be available in your home or garage.

Full Email Support:

Mark is offering unlimited lifetime support with this guide. In case, if you stuck somewhere, you have author’s email to ask any question and solve your problem.

Runs With ZERO Maintenance:

Once the power generating machine starts producing electricity, it requires almost ZERO maintenance. It is the self-supplying generator and you can continue using the same amount of electricity as you usually do. This system can cut down your electricity bill by 60% and more importantly you can run any heavy-duty appliances. This is a mini power plant that’s maintenance-free.

Light And Portable:

This mini power plant is light and you can easily carry it anywhere with you in a car. This machine can be your reliable power source when you are camping out or bug out.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee:

With 60 days money back guarantee you have no reason for not trying this out. This system only required 3 hours to set up and you can check this system efficiency for 60 days without any risk of losing money. In case, if this system fails to save some of your dollars then return the guide to the author and get full money back.

2 Things I Don’t Like:

Too Much Theory:

The main Power Efficiency Guide contains too much theory about different power sources and then talks about magnets and how it is possible to generate electricity with magnets. I feel there is no need for all this theory as he already explained all this in his sale page and bonus ‘Electric Lighting History ‘ book.

No Physical Copy Option:

I personally feel the author should have included an option to buy physical copy because not everyone likes reading eBooks. Additionally, a physical copy will also a great option for those places that don’t have a reliable internet connection.

Who Should Buy it?

The Power Efficiency Guide is for all those people who want to save money on electricity bills, end their dependency on power supply companies or living in those areas that have electricity problems. If you are looking for something to generate your electricity but don’t want to spend 10K on solar panels, then this program is for you.

The power-generating system that you will develop is easy to build as the author has provided clear-cut instructions, along with detailed pictures and videos. You need to follow the instructions step-by-step, and there is no guesswork.

Don’t forget you will get a full 60 days money back guarantee. I feel 60 days are enough to get benefit from this program. And also this is enough time to see how much money you save in your electricity bills.

All you need to do is, follow steps as mentioned in this program. If you stuck somewhere, then send an email to Mark Edwards, and he will solve your problem.

Who Should Not But It?

power generating systemPower Efficiency Guide is a book that teaches you a method to develop this cost-effective and efficient power generating system. However,

Constructing this power-generating system needs investment up front. According to Mark Edwards, it will cost around $150. If you are ready to invest this amount up front, then download this guide.

And constructing this power-generating system needs efforts. So, if you have a very hectic and busy life and don’t think if you can arrange a few hours then don’t download this program. You will only end up wasting your money.

However, if you are ready to invest $150 and your efforts then you should get this program. This power-generating system keeps your house light up even if your neighborhood experienced a month-long power breakdown.

Final Few Words:

I would like to say this guide worth every penny. If you want to cut down your electricity bill, then this is the guide for you. If you are living in an area where electricity prices are high, then you must give this guide a try.

Already a huge number of people are using magnets to generate electricity in their home, and you can also use this untapped alternative energy source to not only recover your investment but also save some money for something more rewarding such as – foreign trip.

The Power Efficiency Guide is protected with 60 days money back guarantee that shows the trust of the author in this program. There is no risk in testing this program and you get Mark’s email to ask any question related to this project.

I feel you have received enough information about Mark Edwards’ Power Efficiency Guide to decide if it is for you or not. In case if you decided to give it a try then visit vendor’s website by clicking the image below to save $100 and get immediate access to this program.

power efficiency guide download

Watch this video review as well